Wolf Erlbruch (b. 1948,  Wuppertal, Germany) - Illustration from Duck, Death and the Tulip (German title: Ente, Tod und Tulpe), 2007     Book Illustrations


"Like it’s your birthday"

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this show is incredible

Is there anybody you never had the chance to work with but still would love to?

Yes, I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long. There are also a lot of wonderful directors that I would love to work with again. I love Spike Jonze. I loved working with Wes Anderson, but I was a fox, so I would like to work with him as a human some time.

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there’s only one person who could have sex with me when i’m on my period and it’s eli roth tbh no one else could handle that level of nasty

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Finally. I’m home.