im going to london tomoerow 


hopes are like hair ornaments. when you’re a little girl, you want to wear too many. when you’re older, you look foolish wearing even one. long story short I just went to a McDonalds and their milkshake machine was broken


SPOTLIGHT: Emoji-nation by Nastya Nudnik

Sometimes, and it happens very rarely, something spectacular from our collective history clashes dramatically with a piece of nuanced pop culture. Today, one of these fantastic things came to us in the form of this collection of viral images.

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What is tumblrs definition of aesthetic??? Cuz I looked it up in the dictionary and y’all don’t make no sense



imagine an aesthetic con

vaporwave blasting all throughout the hotel. everyone cosplaying or carrying around roman statues. many pastels. potted plants literally everywhere. windows 95. macintosh. everyone is taking pictures of the pool